Lessons Learned from the Other Woman

Lessons learned from the other woman in our husbands’ lives are not usually publicly acknowledged, but I have to acknowledge big lessons I am learning on the fly from an email I just got from another woman who is the other woman.

I have called the other woman tramps and cheap floozies within my articles, and worse offline, it took one heartfelt email here on associated content to set my mind into a whole other direction. The email was from a writer here on the site, who herself is the other woman who shared how honestly her relationship began. Her open honesty helped me see the errors of my ways so to speak, about how it is to be the other woman.

There are some other women who are out there just to break up marriages and so forth, as Nita was when she and my ex husband began their affair. I know this to be true because she only dates married men. It however was not only Nita’s fault, part of the blame also goes toward my now ex husband, it does always take two to tango as they say.

The woman who wrote to me earlier tonight was also the other woman, and she wrote to tell me that she agreed with my article but also wanted to let me know that not all other women were cheap floozies. I knew that but sometimes in my anger when articles bring back memories of my trashed marriage, I see Nita’s face as I write about the other woman.

I was humbled by her touching email to me, in which she explained her relationship and thereby educating me about being the other woman. She mentioned that you could not help whom you fall in love with, and I so agree.

In many minds, I guess I must also look like the other woman, as I am technically married although I have been separated from my husband for three years. I have been dating a wonderful man for almost two years and am so head over heels in love I could never end this relationship. He too is married and has been separated just as long as I have, although we did not know each other at all when we were without spouses.

I know I should get a divorce, but the money just is not there. There certainly are no nice feelings for my ex-husband as I think he is a PIG, I do not feel married to him and have not in a very long time. I never seen my self as the other woman, but that is what I am I suppose technically as my boyfriend is as married as I am. Technically, we are both married to other people, so we are technically the other woman and the other man.

I know I am not cheap, a floozy or any of those things I have called the other woman here, or off line. I publicly apologize to those other women who like me, who just kind of fell into a beautiful relationship with a married man. For those other woman who target married men just for the thrill of it, well you will get yours someday, but it is not up to me to judge you.

B, I thank you very much for your email, and for enlightening me about the how it is to be the other woman. You have shown me that I am way to judgmental and I humbly thank you for this.